Weekend  (2018-2020) *core of bells' Project

Single channel live editting video, Multi channel video installation, Duration of video: 4hour 50min





Weekend (2018-2020) *core of bells' Procject


The single channel live editing video or multi channel video installation work

with the story in 3 parts about "The music of Boredom"


It is set in a world where most people are killed by frequent disasters.

As human beings became unable to reproduce naturally, they had no choice but to repeat their past.


Part I: She

A group of women recite a diary of one female artist and reprise her past in a puppet show. In the diary she talks about her thoughts on trash and boredom, and finally shows that she died young.


Part II: They

Women who perform the reenactment of “her” works and performances indoors. As they continue to perform, they become the trash / ghosts itself which they deal with.


Part III: Ghosts

They become trash /ghosts and spread into the outside world.


Since 2011, living with the slow decay and finding "the others" in boredom have become ordinary for us in Japan. I remember how the elusive anxiety, symbolized by the invisible fear of radiation, took so long to settle in our lives that we became unconscious.


This project is my attempt to share and relive the time and thoughts in this "music of boredom" in ways other than actually playing or recording myself.