Tzodom 24 (2016)

Multi channel video installation,Web site,Performance,  Duration of video: 24 hours: Go to web site





Tzodom 24 (2016) Go to web site

This work is an online work in which a 24-hour performance video plays, as well as the installation of that performance.

The dubbing for Luis Bunuel's film "The Exterminating Angel" is used as explanation of this work.

When the earthquake hit Japan, we were thrown against our will into a time where anxiety and boredom intermingled.


This piece is about that sort of time.

Due to the accompanying nuclear disaster, there were planned power outages, fears over invisible radioactivity in the streets, and the return of darkness. In some respects, this period was similar to Boring experimental music, and there was even something comforting in it. It was a time that could not quite be called "exciting" nor "boring," neither was it "scary" nor "funny." It was between those things.

This time obsessively demanded our concentration, even with regards to our work and leisure up until then, and made us efficiently check what it was that happened; this time was the antithesis of time in the modern world, which is dominated by communication over social media that makes us forget the phenomena that dwell within real time.


However, as the rebuilding continues, we're gradually forgetting this time. As a musician and an artist, I started thinking of ways not to forget this kind of time; ways to regain all the richly tedious hours of our lives. This work is one possible answer.


In order to create a period of undifferentiated time that is neither exciting, boring, scary, nor funny, I referred to the ways in which Japanese ghost movies catabolize the ordinary and used them as musical instruments. I also referred to experimental music simulations, beginning with Wandelweiser works. Then, in order for people to experience this time without skipping through it, I made a website with the 24-hour video playing on loop.