Tzodom No.2

Performance, duration of performance  : 6h





Tzodom No.2 (2011)


This work is performed by I  and  the coactor "A". A must follow the directions which I issue improvisatiornally. These directions are as follows. "Shout while you cout 5. Then walk while you count 10. Then stop while 40 count. Then tremble while 5count. so, repeat  this cycle of the action. "In these directions, A can determine the length of 1 count and I direct only the ratio of the time of the action. These directions are performed using various things (for example, wood, a plastic bag, a straw, a teapot, a broom)  installed in the hall.

While "A" is performing my directions, I have to hide so that A cannot be seen. The portable suit locker, the pipe hanger, the shade of a bamboo, and the board of styrene foam are installed in the hall, and I hide A in it using them.I sometimes take the act of A, and the scenery in the hall with a video camera.

The character of coactor "A" is on the basis of the influence of 90's japanese horror movie. The ghost in these movies repeats the same action like broken video tape. So, this work is an experiment which changes a performer into video.