Lyric will not reach anyone & anywhere (2014)

1channel video installation, Duration of video: 17min





Lyric will not reach anyone & anywhere (2014)


The video works recorded the performance which I scream with black ink in the water. and this work is taken with high-speed camera. The subtitles in the video are the lyrics screamed actually.

This work is about relationship between distortion voice & lyrics on doom metal.


The meanings of lyrics shouted in this kind of music doesn't reach audience almost anytime, because the way of singing is too distorted. The voice is mixed material sense as sound & meanings in progress of realized. It's like baby voice.

For example, When it's sung "love" with the screaming slowly fearfully, we understand the meaning in a moment. However, Material sense of screaming voice will change the meanings which we realized some seconds ago.


And this kind of music it too similar to distinguish. Therefore, the title of those songs is more meaningful than song itself.