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2020 : Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten (Amsterdam)


2016:  Tzodom 24 (web site)


2020: Ongemakkelijk // Awkward (Amsterdam)



Takeshi Ikeda (Japanese Artist)







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The Music of Boredom  (2020)

Rather than brief excitement and moments of happiness, it is the subsequent time of boredom when we are idle and unable to be conscious it that fill our lives.   But I can also think of boredom as an aspect of the world that I don't yet know how to accept.

In other words, Boredome is a situation where I am in contact with "others."   Because the world is not always there to entertain us.

For me, listening to and playing music was a practical way to open up my perception and affirm to this kind of "boredom."

The gradual disintegration that has taken place in various aspects of Japan since the nuclear accident in 2011 has unintentionally made the "the music of boredom" that we practiced in a small music group an actual and universal thing,

and it has blurred the boundaries between music and reality.


This is because, for an inordinate amount of time, we have had to deal with truly elusive and formidable others, such as radioactivity.

I still vividly remember once, when I had more time than I knew what to do with, as I watched rain that was said to carry radioactivity fall against the window of a room with no electricity due to a scheduled power outage.

As I watched, what I perceived as "boring music" became completely inseparable from everyday life.

Be that as it may, our daily lives are still filled with things that appear as pleasantries that divert our eyes and allow us to briefly forget this "gradual disintegration". They sometimes appear in front of us in spectacular forms such as "monsters" or "the end of the world." But the real "others" and disintegration we are confronted with are not so easily grasped. If someone is considering taking advantage of this situation or of the "fun," it's more than a little serious.


We have to think more than ever about how to deal with "boredom". If we don't, we may fail to grasp the disintegration, the pleasure, the very life that is in front of our eyes.Music is not a form of expression that shows us how to understand the world, but rather an art form related to how to perceive the world.

"The music of boredom" points out those current elusive "others" and opens up our perception of them.




core of bells  12 monthly performance in 2014



TAKESHI IKEDA was born in Tokyo in 1984.


He is inspired by experimental music (John Cage, Wandelweiser Group, etc.) and hardcore punk rock. These music genres prove that music is more than just sound because they stress other elements as well, such as the listening and feeling audience. Moreover, the two types of music share the characteristic that they are structured and monotonous, boring even.


Ikeda himself explores new ways to make boring compositions. Tzodom 24 (2016) for example, consists of a 24 hour loop of his performance combined with a voice-over accompanying images from the film The Exterminating Angel (Luis Buñuel, 1962), in which the artist expresses his ideas about boredom.


Boredom doesn’t have negative connotations here. Instead Ikeda considers it a significant quality of music and time. According to him, our life is not based on a series of exiting climaxes but rather on boring time. Listening to boring music invites us to think about that boring time, and learn to appreciate it more.




Education: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
2019 PhD in Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts

2011 MFA in Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts

2008 Kyoto University Art & Design



2020 Pola Art Foundation

2018 TERUMO Life Science Foundation

2016 Canon Foundation Research Fellowship

2013 Asian Cultural Council Grant, United States (Film, Video, & Photography)


Residency Program: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

2016, 2020 Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten

2013 Nars Foundation, New York


Solo Exhibition: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

2018 "WEEKEND" Kunstfort, Vijfhuizen (Netherland)

2013 "All Day Long" AI KOWADA GALLERY, Tokyo

2012 "fast/slow" Gendai Heights, Tokyo

2011 "666 or more malignant songs which should be forgotten immediately after they're played" AI KOWADA GALLERY, Tokyo

2007 "fastest" CAP House, Kobe
2006 "aside" CAP House, Kobe
2006 "drum dive festival" gallery 38, Kyoto


Group Exhibitions:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

2020 "Ongemakkelijk // Awkward , Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

2018 "Filler ll", SIGN ,Groningen (Netherland)

2017 "TodaysArt 2017",Den Hague

2017  "TEC ART Rotterdan  2017" ,  KEILEPAND, Rotterdam

2016 "Rijks Akademie Open", Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam

2014 "Clever Hans" Talion Gallery, Tokyo
2014 "Immitator" Thr MART, Dublin
2013 "Garden" NARS Foundation,New York

2011 "Gallery artists' show" AI KOWADA GALLERY, Tokyo
2011 "Media practice 10- 11" Tokyo University of the Arts, Yokohama

2009 "Medai practice 09-10" BankART, Yokohama


Selected Performance: -----------------------------------------------------------------------

2017 "Fuck Everything" core of beslls, Scool, Tokyo

2014 "12 months of the monster and Mr. Boredom" core of bells,Roppongi SuperDelaxue, Tokyo


January : Did you notice?
February: Moshing maniac 2000
March: Last Days of Humanity
April: Detroit Techno Doll
May: Gravity Blast Night
June: Truth of the Rumor
July: Time is Fuckin’ on Time
August: Hell Patrol
September: Memento Comment Whisper men October: Core of bells Big Show
November: Death Mix Death
December: From Here to Eternity


2014 "Mujanhyang” "Saritote”, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

2013 "Tzodom No.3" solo performance, Asia Art Archive America, NewYork

2012 "14 Evenings" core of bells, The National Museum of Modern Art,Tokyo

2011 "Azumabashi DX 2011" core of bells, Asahi Art Square,Tokyo
2010 "Fuji Rock Festival 2010" core of bells, Naeba Ski Resort, Niigata

2003- As Drummer of "core of bells"



2015 “12 months of the monster and Mr. Boredom” core of bells CHAOZ CHAOS CZCZ-005

2013 "Methodelic" core of bells HEADZ,UNKNOWNMIX 22/HEADZ 177
2013 "Live in Saritote" Saritote Slub Disc
2010 "gesupiria 2" core of bells +Taku SUGIMOTO CHAOZ CHAOS,CZCS-003

2010 "BAD ADULTS" ningen gokaku CHAOZ CHAOS ,CZCS-002
2010 "Bottle Keep 2010" core of bells CHAOZ CHAOS ,CZCS-001
2005 "CD precious" core of bells CHAOZ CHAOS ,CZCS-000


Planning : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2006- "Lesson" The study for 20 century art


Work Experience: --------------------------------------------------------------------------
2011- Game Designer (Director)