Moshing Maniac2000 (2014) *12 Months of the Monster and Mr Boredom by core of bells, Noriyuki Kiguchi(Akuma-no-shirushi)

Performance, Duration of performance : 1h 30min





photograph by Hiedto Maezawa

Moshing Maniac 2000 (2014)

*12 Months of the Monster and Mr Boredom


The performance in February is called Moshing Maniac 2000

On this performance, the fake fan of my band was excited too much, and rioted. so we were not seen from the audience at all.

On this performance, the invisible band was treated like one musical instrument,and I try to make the composition for the sign of invisible band.

There're moshpit like the cage with plastic net. A mosh pit is in front of a band. and audience cannot see performance of playing.

Finally, fake fun make special mosh called “wall of death” which separates right and left like Moses.

Audience notices that a stage is absent and the playing band is not here.