Band of the Night (2005)

1 channel video  duration of  video : 25min





Band of the Night (2005)


The motif which appeared repeatedly in the horror picture of Japan of the 90s was a "loop".

A "curse" or the "homicide" which can be performed in a movie advances, while the motive has been unknown. And it is meaningless and is repeated. Or it seems that the meaning of the act disappears in the repetition.


The theme of this "it repeats" and a "loop" has the possibility of the more than which is a horror movie. It is because a movie is imitation in the world repeated unnecessarily. The reason the ghost which appears into the movie of Kiyoshi Kurosawa or Hiroshi Takahashi is more dreadful than a story is that they have self-referential character to the relation between an image and the world.


This work developed these concepts. It is an experiment to makes the horror movie which consisted of only sequences "loop" ,"rotation" and so on without a story.