All Day Long (2013)

installation, size variable





All Day Long(2014)


The installation of  solar powered rotary mirror balls

 The disaster occurred in Japan, I was looking at outside from the window of my room. And the show of my band which must have been performed on the next day had to be canceled. Because, the accident of the nuclear power plant occurred simultaneously and the planned power failure by the government was performed. There was no music which uses electricity in a possible situation physically socially.

And the threat of the air pollution by radioactivity was broadcast with the unfamiliar word.

I lost the music which is the purpose of coming outside, and acquired the reason which cannot come outside. It was only possible to see the world changed completely through window.  At the almost same time, in Japan, exposure by the law which regulates a nightclub came to be performed briskly. It became possible for us to enjoy music only in the daytime with the world over glass.

 The scenery seen from a window was like to see the death of our culture and Japan. With the mirror balls  which rotates only daytime and stops at night, we need to think about this "death" and resistance against it.